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created here.

fall fashion issue.

Model: Athenais Testi Dress: Adrienne Goodine

Model: Rebekah Johnson Dress: Chavah Designs

Model: Jennie Fairweather Dress: LeeAnn Dussault

"New Brunswick fashion in its natural habitat."

Created Here magazine is dedicated to showcasing New Brunswick artists and artisans - and, by extension, all of the people that collaborate with them (like yours truly).

I was commissioned to photograph the cover and editorial spread for the fall fashion issue. I was excited at the opportunity and the possibilities of working with so many talented people. Some of the team I had heard about before, some I had not - and that is the very spirit of this publications. Creative minded people working together to lift each other up.

Organizing this many designers, models, and stylists was no small task. Weeks of planning went into this foggy afternoon of shooting on a beach in Saint John, NB. The stress, however, all faded away as soon as I picked up the camera. All of the work was well worth it. Worth it for the final product, worth it for the laughs, and worth it for the new friends made. 

I am glad that I can finally share these images with you! I know that everyone who worked on this project is very proud - including me! I must admit, it is always a bit surreal when you walk into a coffees shop and see some of your work (made with blood, sweat, and tears) on a shelf next to some of the magazines that inspired you to become a photographer in the first place.

The talented team:

Photographer: Lance Kenneth Blakney Designers: Adrienne Goodine, Chavah Lindsay (Chavah Designs), LeeAnn Dussaukt (East Coast Couture), Kayleigh Saad (Lunar Offerings) Models: Athenais Testi, Jennie Fairweather, Rebekah Johnson, Laura Englehart  MUA: Lacey Conrad | styling: Dee Wilkie (Dee Silkie) Creative Direction: Marie-Helene Morell

Model: Laura Englehart Dress: Kayleigh Saad

Model: Athenais Testi Dress: Adrienne Goodine

Model: Rebekah Johnson Dress: Chavah Designs

Model: Athenais Testi Dress: Adrienne Goodine

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