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live demo.


Thursday, August 11th was the launch of Dee Wilkie's new website and product line. at the Maybee Brewery. In honour of our long creative history together, I did a live fashion photo demonstration with the help of model Jessica Chantelle, another long-time muse of mine. Almost two years ago exactly from the day of the party, Dee hired me to do what I consider to be one of my first "real" fashion shoots; see those images HERE. I've come along way as an image maker since then, but I still love what we created - and what we have created since then.

Taking photographs with an audience watching was an interesting experience. It was different than teaching a workshop. They were not there to learn; they were strictly there to watch and enjoy that images that were being taken and projected live onto the wall behind me. All things considered, I think they turned out well:

To see more, re-watch the live stream on Periscope: @lkb_cam

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