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“Sometimes I dream a sentence and write it down. It’s usually nonsense, but sometimes it seems a key to another world.” - Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red

It's funny.... whenever I am feeling creatively drained or defeated, the right people come into my life and help me feel rejuvenated. This was an incredible experience because it allowed me to try things that I may not have otherwise been allowed to try - some ideas in my head that I was never quite sure if they would work. And, of course, they turned into some of my favourite photos to date.

All of these photos were shot in one session, in one general location, all within in a couple of hours. It was a fun challenge to see how many different looks we could create in a short amount of time. This was truly an amazing collaboration with some amazingly talented individuals, and I am so happy with the outcome!

model: Brian Leonard

stylist / MUA: Autumn Smith

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"i am every harsh place i've ever been."

"i write because she looks good on paper."

"i had found poetry. before i found you. or anything else."

"i manifest the resiliency to create art, in light of a war."

model / writer: Cassidy Ingersol @cassiyydawn

"even in love, i wrote like i was out of it."

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